Ani Ter-Martirosyan


Ani Ter-Martirosyan was born in Armenia. Six years
young she began taking lessons for piano and later for the organ also. Later she became member of the state conservatory in Yerevan and studied under Prof. Sergej Sarajan. With the enthusiasm of a young pianist, while still in her homeland, she intensively gathered crucial experience through
the means of concerts and competitions, all next to her studies, for the sake of preparing for her professional education abroad.
She studied Piano at the 'Hochschule für Musik und Tanz' in Cologne under the guidance of Prof. Pavel Gililov and Prof. Jacob Leuschner. Afterwards she studied at the 'Robert Schumann Hochschule' in Düsseldorf with Prof. Barbara
Szczepanska and graduated with honors.
She deepened her musical abilities at the 'Conservatorio di Musica Santa Cecillia di Roma' in
Rome working as an accompanist. There she was given the unique possibility to play on
historical instruments like the cembalo or the hammerclavier and as well to accompany
several historical instruments. Currently she works as an accompanist at the 'Robert Schumann Hochschule'. Her passion is not only limited to solo works, she is also an active and versatile chamber
musician. Presently she is part of Trio Meredi from Rome. During her studies she participated at the following competitions and festivals, where she was awarded: 'Osimo' Internationaler Wettbewerb (Italien), 'Ile de France' Internationaler
Wettbewerb (Frankreich), 'Bachelor Awards' (Deutschland), Republikanischer Wettbewerb
für Kammermusik 'Kostanyan' (Armenien), BIS Festival in 'Engadin' 2013 (Schweiz), 'Nuova
Coppa Pianisti' Festival (Italien), 'Allegro Vivo' Festival (Österreich), 'Ruhr Festival'
(Deutschland). Her artistic development was strongly influenced by master classes with Ferenc Rados, Dmitry Baschkirov, Jacques Rouvier and Claudio Martinez Mehner and others.
She gives concerts in Armenia and Europe ('Philharmonie Köln' - Deutschland, 'Teatro La
Nuova Fenice', 'Teatro Quirino di Roma' 'Villa Medici Giulini' Bergamo - Italien, 'Schumann
Saal'-Düsseldorf, 'Theater Aachen', 'Historische Stadthalle' - Wuppertal, 'Philomuses' Paris,
Frankreich). She is and was scholarship holder at different foundations like 'Wagner Stiftung',
'Deutschland Stipendium', 'Yehudi Menuhin-Stiftung' 'Gulbenkian Foundation', and many more. Since 2011 she is member of the union of young armenian composers and interpreters. In the course of this she is occupied with interpreting modern compositions as well.